Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Curtains For You

The source of a huge debate was the curtains. K will tell you that the print on the curtains was of a semi Asian version of "Luigi". He's some sort of Asian-Italian mix trying to bake and drink wine. Since Luigi is one of the few things I actually picked out for the kitchen before it follows that I liked it.

For the new kitchen, however, K tells me that it's a little cheesy and dated. So, we went on a quest. It would have been an easier quest to find the holy grail or something. Apparently nobody makes/ stocks Cafe curtains anymore. I guess I shouldn't say nobody, some make them but the selection is very limited. We've been to several major chains, craft stores, even fabric stores. We eventually found something that will do for now so that the neighbors don't point and laugh if I walk through the kitchen naked just before bed. It's not perfect. We were looking for perfect. Maybe perfect is a fantasy that can't be achieved.

In the mean time K has come up with a few wonderful taste treats. We had a friend over and BBQ'd some steaks and K sliced some baby yams, sprinkled them with brown sugar and cinnamon, and baked them on a piece of foil on the grill. In the time it took to cook the steaks the baby yams turned lightly browned, soft, tender, and very delicious. Really a great side dish to a meat heavy dinner.

The other wonderful thing she came up with was watermelon drink that we tried two ways. First was blenderized, then strained to remove the pulp leaving only watermelon juice, add in a little simple syrup (or just some sugar), if you so desire add an adult beverage of choice (like Tequila), and pour over ice... simple and refreshing. The second way we tried was to blenderize the juice with the ice and make a smoothie. Granted, the ice and blender didn't want to play well together and took some coaxing to work but in the end worked out for a nice summer treat to cool down with. K got fancy and rimmed the glasses with some orange colored sugar. We sat in the shade of a hot July day, sipped our drinks, played cards and just relaxed. It felt almost like we were southern or something.

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