Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Six

Sunday was a bit crazy. maybe it was the heat, or the holiday, or maybe just my hormones.

We got our microwave purchased and the bracket to hold it installed. We vented it and got everything set, so we can stick it up underneath the cabinet as soon as we're ready. The process was not without it's headaches though. Which way should we vent it? How much cabinet space will we lose? What about the stud in the way?

I had a mini breakdown. Bad information from incompetent Lowe's salespeople just sent me over the edge. We made way more work for ourselves than we needed to and that was frustrating. If you don't know something, just admit you don't know and we can ask someone else or get our information elsewhere. Random guessing and blowing smoke out your ass is not professional.

They should be bringing the counter top today. I certainly hope so because D is expecting it and they've already put us off enough.

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