Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hitch in the giddyup

No project is without some delays. We've already experienced some.

Last night, the subcontractors who installed the floor stopped by to talk about the backsplash - so that's happening today. We're hoping they finish and that the counter gets polished - since it seems one part is more polished than the other.

Yesterday, the contractor brought the correct piece of counter, they installed that and the sink and faucets. D fixed the water filter and finished everything, so we have a working sink. That's a relief, it's a pain to run up or down a flight of stairs every time you need to wash your hands. Ok, so I'm lazy. Although, I will miss seeing him stuck under the sinks, for some reason I find that quite enjoyable.

I worked on priming last night, trying to get ready. It's difficult to work around my work schedule, the contractors schedule and it leaves things a bit chaotic. I have to tape and untape, so that none of the paper is in the way of the floor, which they're sealing today.

To get me through the little issues, I just keep thinking about cooking in the new kitchen. How organized and stylish it will be; how nice it will look and work. Of course, when things get really stressful, I just think about how nice it would be if I had a built in masseuse for after working in the kitchen; that does help.

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