Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just is a 4 letter word

Everyone told us "just do this". Just doing something is easy as long as you're not the one doing it. For instance, they told us "just take out the appliances before we start". That was just two days of moving, sorting, cleaning, pulling, pushing, and other such happiness. Taking the fridge out and moving it took a lot of planning, like where to put it and how to disconnect the water for the ice maker. Once done, it revealed a huge dust ferret (think dust bunny only longer).

I know, pretty scary huh? Not to mention all those little things you spilled over the years. Fear not, for we did do battle with the dust ferret and alas, we slew it mightily. But with one victory under our belt we had yet to tackle the stove, and worst of all, the dishwasher. I've done battle with dishwashers in the past and the last time ended with me being shot across the floor, sparks flying, and a great deal of cursing. A minor electrical burn, and a quest to find the REAL circuit breaker later, the job continued. That was years ago and the nightmares have subsided, however, one remains vigilant and wary lest he has a repeat performance.

Now, all that is just out of the way. The ugly flooring has been torn up and preparations are being made to install the new pretty one. Wish us luck, we'll need it.

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